Five Videos for Lent (For Those of You Not Giving Up the Internet)

Sometimes, I think I should give up the distraction and mental clutter of the Interwebs for Lent (at least for non-work related things). It might be a good idea to cut off completely for a Lent somewhere down the line. But this year, I think I can try to “plug in better,” as opposed to plugging in not at all.

Gen would probably say plugging in better for me would mean plugging in less, which is definitely true. It also means using the Internet and technology in ways that actually make my life and the lives of others better, and in ways that bring me closer to God. This means less Scramble with Friends and more, well, divinely inspired things.

Stay tuned to our Twitter feed (on the right over there…@MillCatholic) for resources and ideas throughout the season, and please post your favorite ways of plugging in well for Lent in the comments.

Here’s a handful of videos for Lent to get things started.

Living a FaithJustice Lent

I work at the Center for FaithJustice, and I was asked to make a short video about Lent for our e-newsletter. In it, I reflect on how I might live a more integrated, holistic Lent this time around.

40 – A Video of Jesus In the Wilderness

This made the rounds last year, but it’s a great meditation to revisit. Jesus’ 40 days just sort of zip by in a sentence when we hear about them in the Gospels, but this video explores what a chunk of time like that alone could be like. It hits on themes of solitude, fasting, quiet, and commitment — good stuff for Lent.

40: The Series

Keeping with the 40 theme, there’s a new Web-only series debuting Ash Wednesday from the Jesuits out in California. The trailer (below) is intense. It seems post-apocalyptic and allegorical and maybe a bit overwrought? But the production values look great and it’s an interesting idea. Episodes will air throughout the season. Check out its Web site here.

David Foster Wallace on Political Thinking in America

Tuesday would have been the 50th birthday of literary giant David Foster Wallace, who died in 2008. An 84-minute uncut interview DFW gave to a German TV station in 2003 appeared online this week. I haven’t sifted through all of it yet, but the first clip I watched includes a great commentary we could apply to Lenten fasting. Listen for his treatment of freedom vs. “a sort of slavery.”

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth — visualized

Friend of MC Jonathan L. posted this earlier today, and it struck me as a great Lenten video. Lent is about conversion, which literally means to turn around. We commit ourselves to turning toward God during the season in preparation for Easter, and one great way to grow closer to God is to encounter creation with wonder and awe. This is wonderful and awesome.

That should get us through Wednesday. What resources, videos or otherwise, help you get in the Lenten spirit? Please share!

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One Comment on “Five Videos for Lent (For Those of You Not Giving Up the Internet)”

  1. Eleigh says:

    Really enjoying MC. Thanks, Mike and Gen!

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