The March For Life: Is There A Better Way?

On the 38th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, and the 37th anniversary of the March for Life in Washington, questions about abortion and the pro-life movement were on our minds. In typical Millennial fashion, we hopped on G-chat tonight to talk it over. The questions remain and the answers are incomplete, especially in regards to how folks who are uncomfortable with the tone of the March can make a public stand with women and unborn children.  Please join the conversation in the comments section.

Mike: In your first post, you talked about the MLK Day of Organizing you participated in last Monday. Fast forward a week to today, and we have the single biggest social demonstration for our generation of Catholics: the March for Life in Washington, DC. You and I have both been to the march, separately, but neither of us for a handful of years now.  Reflecting on the day, and looking at the pro-life movement in general, what’s your take on the event?

Gen: It’s powerful to see tens of thousands of people make it to DC to take a stand against the legalization of abortion. And I think since I’m Catholic and I’ve made the trip with a Catholic group and hear about it in Catholic circles, I often forget that it’s not a Catholic event. It’s an event where people of different faith traditions, and no faith tradition at all, unite behind a common belief. It’s great that it happens.

But I’m not totally positive about the event, especially in the context of the “pro-life movement in general.” The “pro-life movement in general” has received a lot of criticism from Catholics and non-Catholics alike for being insensitive to say the least.

And my fear of the March for Life, is that it’s become a microcosm of the pro-life movement as a whole. I remember thinking that I was overwhelmed by the language of death (in signs and chants) during an event that’s supposed to promote a Culture of Life. I was really uncomfortable when I went, and I’m pro-life. I’m searching for a forum where I can be pro-life and not be uncomfortable with being pro-life.

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