UPDATED: Millennials Speak Up at the LOST? Conference (Fordham 2011)

Gen and I G-chatted some final thoughts on the LOST? Conference. Check ‘em out after the jump. And please, please: contribute. It’s silly to think our voices are representative of an entire generation. So mix it up in the comments section, but go gently.

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Open Thread: LOST? Twenty-Somethings and the Church

Gen and I are heading up to NYC tomorrow for Fordham’s LOST? Conference on young adults in the Catholic Church. Right up our alley. Lots of great speakers on tap, so if you can’t be there yourself, check back here throughout the weekend for updates and reactions from us and others.

And use this post as an open thread on the impossibly wide topic of twenty-somethings and the Church. Any questions for conference attendees/heavy-hitters Peter Steinfels or Jim Martin, SJ (or others)? Post ‘em in the comments section and we’ll see what we can do!

UPDATE 1/29/11: Live, from New York, it’s Saturday morning at a Catholic conference. Will be here throughout the day with some highlights and questions, after the jump. Please hit the comments section to chip in!

UPDATE (10:00 pm): Back in South Jersey after a long, rich day in NYC. My battery gave way around 2:45, and the only outlets to speak of were way off on the side of the auditorium, so I was left in the dark the last few hours. The 3:00 pm session started with a video of young adult New Yorker Catholics (and lapsed Catholics and non-Catholics) being interviewed on the street about their faith and the church. A lot of the same things conference panelists had been talking about on behalf of twentysomethings all day long, but it was nice to hear it straight from the horses’ mouths. Panelists followed up the video by speaking about an incredibly wide range of issues (conversion, martyrdom, campus ministry, psychoanalysis, intro theology courses, etc…phew!).

The conference’s final session was a wrap-up “where do we go from here?” discussion. I loved the way the panel’s moderator, Jim Martin, phrased his final question. I might/will steal it down the road. He had one question, he said, that he wanted to ask three ways. First, in business language: What are some best practices we can take back with us to help improve our company? Next, in academic language: Based on the data and our experiences, what have we learned? And finally, in theological language: Where is the Holy Spirit leading us from here?

Gen and I will offer our two cents on that question and toss up some final thoughts later on. And be on the look-out for a video with some reflections from twentysomething conference attendees themselves! What a thought!

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