BXVI <3 Social Media, Sort Of

On Monday, for the 45th World Communications Day, Pope Benedict XVI issued a message called “Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age.”

My first reaction was: “He hasn’t done this already?” My second reaction was: “Duh.” Not your fault, Holy Father: The Catholic Church is notoriously awful in the technology realm, and kind of slow to do anything new at all. Usually, I like this patience; it prevents crazy ish from creeping in unnoticed. But I have no patience when it comes to stuff like, you know, the Internet. Have you seen parish Web sites? Have you? The failure of the church, by and large, to take advantage of Web 2.0 and social media make the battle against irrelevance a near-impossible one.

(But Mike, you might say, how about the Vatican’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel and www.pope2you.net? Well, I have never seen/heard of the Vatican’s Facebook page until you asked, and I’m pretty into (1) Catholic stuff and (2) Facebook, so that says something. And have you visited pope2you? The front page is still about Advent. ADVENT! Just for fun, compare the real Vatican Web site to this “Obama”-fied one. Plenty to learn yet, people.)

Anyway. Perhaps this message, the very title of which is pushing my 140-character attention span, could be a good start. After the jump, to the tape!

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