What’s in the Name?

Naming a blog is tricky and important. It sets the tone, gives you and us some direction, pops up on Google.

So, what to call ourselves? Besides “Genevieve and Mike,” which are our names.

Well, we’re Catholic, engaged, and don’t always agree. Our seemingly small niche as Church workers and graduate-theology-degree-holders ends up with a pretty broad range of expressions of faith between us. If our title reflected these characteristics, we thought we could lure polarized Catholics into reading the blog.

When we couldn’t find a way to use the “Engaged Catholics — with differences” thing, we figured our next most marketable trait was that while that our beliefs don’t always match up, they also don’t fit into typical American Church categories. We’re not easy to place on the spectrum.

But this information also failed to shape a catchy title. Then we considered playing up that we’re on the ground in professional church ministry. Since “Ground-up Catholic,” our best go by far in the grassroots category, sounds like we’re Catholics in blenders, we gave up that approach, too.
We finally chose our name from the information about us that is least unusual or credentialed. Yes, we’re millennials (twentysomethings). And we’re Catholics. This pairing has a lot to do with how we approach Church and world and work. We hope this blog becomes a place for our own reflection and a chance to invite others to participate in dialogue on the Church of today and tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!

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